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Grid Release Notes

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Release 6.10.2

Oct 9, 2023

Reporting engine enhancements

The following changes were made to the Reporting engine on Grid: 

  1. Report Creation: You can now see a mode selection option that will require a password to further write the query, run it, and then save it. The further steps of parameterization, scheduling, and exports are still under development.
  2. Report View Page: Minor changes like the option to enter the password before editing the report and the option to add a formula have now been removed.
  3. Delete Dependency: The delete dependency modal has now been refactored and is now divided into four columns, namely:Name: name of the dependency Parent: the parent of the dependency (Ex: if the dependency is a worksheet, then the parent will be a workspace)
    Type: type of dependency (Ex: LTW, Dashboard, Workspaces, etc)
    Action: redirection to dependency and deletion of dependency
    Column Alias (Only for Reports): alias of the column on which the dependency is located.
    Apart from this, the functionality remains the same.
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October 2023