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Grid can be deployed in Grid’s Private Cloud, or as an exclusive install on a customer’s private cloud instance, or as a dedicated and secure on-prem installation.
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Deployment Overview

Choosing Your Deployment Model

Grid is available in three deployment models:

Grid Private Cloud

The default model for most Grid customers, and ideal for organizations that value scalability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of management. This model typically suits startups or established businesses with variable workloads and less concern about data control.
  • Automatic Scalability: We take care of scaling up or down all infrastructure needs, based on demand.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Pay only for what you use.
  • Ease of management: We take care of maintenance, updates, and security. 
  • Resource Efficiency: Requires fewer internal IT resources.

Customer Private Cloud

Best suited for organizations with unique branding or business needs, or which need to comply with internal regulatory requirements. This model provides higher control.
  • Customization: Slot Grid into any existing network / data infrastructure that already exists for your company.
  • Control: Maintain a higher level of control over data and infrastructure.
  • Security: Provides enhanced data security.
  • Compliance: Meets most industry-specific regulations and compliance needs.
  • Supports AWS, GCP & Azure.
  • Use another cloud provider? Let us know and we can evaluate the same for you.

Customer On-Prem

Most appropriate for organizations that prioritize complete control and security, especially those in highly regulated industries. Although on-prem requires resources for infrastructure management, it offers unparalleled data control and security.
  • Control: Complete control over all data and security.
  • Independence: No reliance on external networks. Complete air-gapping of all data is possible.
  • Customization: Systems can be precisely tuned to specific business needs.
  • Security: In-house security measures can be implemented and controlled.




Grid Private Cloud

Feature rollout is faster, as you receive updates when the Grid platform is updated.
Less control over hosting & infrastructure.

Customer Private Cloud

Greater control over infrastructure decisions & scaling strategy.
Slower Updates: Minimum quarterly update cycle, feature rollouts subject to contractual deadlines.

Customer On-Prem

Flexibility to manage data security, control over costs.
Higher than average costs, slow feature updates & IT staff requirements.

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