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Business Intelligence & Reporting

 Use Grid’s Business Intelligence engine, with a query builder, schedulers, data exports (to MS Excel, JSON, PDF, e-mail, among others) and integration with various data sources.
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Let Your Data Tell The
Story Of Your Business

Grid’s Business Intelligence engine works to deliver insights & metrics from your people, process and machine data on powerful & versatile reports and dashboards - in minutes.

Customize dashboards for
each business use-case

Whether you’re tracking production, measuring efficiency, investigating the cause of downtime or monitoring project status, you can create specific dashboards that show you the data you need.

Robust Reporting & MIS

Companies with regulatory reporting requirements can maintain and export detailed documentation and digital logbooks on machines, assets, progress and incidents.



Digitize core frontline operations in minutes.


Use a multitude of data types to get a complete operational picture.


Use a multitude of data types to get a complete operational picture.


Adds value to any industry, for any process.


Modify existing workflows and build new ones on the fly, easily.

Enterprise Ready

Scales with your needs, automatically.
Case Study:

Smart Metering Installation Solution

SMART metering leaders set up a completely digitized installation process, including surveying and inventory management.

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