The Ultimate Guide to EH&S Compliance: 2023

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Compliance is not just corporate jargon. It covers important regulations around environment and workplace safety with an aim to improve workers' health and minimize negative environmental effects.

This e-book lays out the EH&S landscape and provides actionable advice, frameworks and solutions to ensure you're always compliant with the latest EH&S regulations.

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Deep Insights & Data

Actionable Data

Includes sample checklists, insights and other actionable data, presented in detailed, intuitive, charts and tables.

Important Recommendations

Proactive efforts that you can take to ensure that your operations are always compliant with the latest EH&S ethical & regulatory requirements.

Exclusive Access

Includes valuable information on emerging technologies and best practices for ramping up EH&S compliance. Read about how Grid is at the forefront of the wave and get an exclusive demo of Grid for EH&S, on request.

Find Value - Whatever Your Role!

CEOs & Owners

According to an Ernst & Young study of 320 institutional investors across 19 countries, ESG is now becoming a part of every investor’s due diligence before finalizing a new investment.

In fact, a mature ESG program not only attracts investors, but it also attracts higher quality employees, improves efficiency and reduces potential risk exposure.

At the most basic of levels, bringing ESG reporting into your operations would get you closer to measuring your business’ carbon impact and innovating ways to reduce the same.

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Operations Heads:

Learn best practices that you can put in place today to help your operations become EH&S compliant. Use the multiple checklists, example processes and hard-won tips and techniques to ensure that you're gathering and using all the data available to you efficiently, to make your operations as safe as possible.

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Field Workers:

Are the operations you're performing safe and following environmentally sound practices? This e-book serves as the starting point to a safe and efficient workplace, even in some of the most rugged situations.

Learn and implement best practices for recording the people and process data that represents your activity in the field, and impact the overall scale and speed of your company's EH&S compliance efforts.

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