How do ATV Pre-start Checklists make mining operations safer?

Shariq Ansari
January 6, 2023
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All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) parked at a mining site

In mining and exploration, personnel and light equipment must frequently be moved from one place to another on the mine site, so an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) proves to be the ideal solution for traversing all terrains in the fastest manner. Since ATVs differ from model to model, it is fundamental for drivers to be thorough with each model's maintenance checklist included in the owner's manual. But with any industry-grade vehicle, there are a few guidelines to remember regardless of the model.

What does the ATV Pre-Ride Checklist contain?

Automated checklists make sure operators do not have to rely on manual checklists and paper manuals to be on top of their game.

Tyre Condition

  1. Drivers must strictly maintain the tire pressure as per regulation. The negligence here can lead to vehicle mishandling and tire damage, which could result in severe accidents. The recommended tire pressure range for each ATV is mentioned on the body, which is to be used as the standard reading.
  2. Checklists also ensure vigilance towards any kind of cuts or gouges that could lead to leakage and the condition of axle nuts or wheel lugs. Drivers should also always check that the size and type of tires comply with the specified requirements.
  3. Tires receive the most pressure when you ride your ATV through rough terrain, so you'll want to ensure that they undergo a comprehensive inspection.

Controls and Cables Check

  1. The next step is to ensure all the controls are operating smoothly. The steering wheel connection especially has to be strictly scrutinized, so as to avoid mishaps. In the case of quad bikes, check the handlebar connections.
  2. Checking the accelerator and brakes (including the handbrake) is as crucial as checking the steering/handlebar. Test if the accelerator snaps shut in accordance with the handlebar, and if the brakes are adjusted conveniently to the rider's position of control. Brakes especially need to be in faultless condition, as you need complete control over the speed of your vehicle in rough terrain.
ATV tire-and-wheel health inspection
Inspecting shock absorber and tire-and-wheel health is just one of many checks included in digitized ATV Pre-Start Checklists on Grid [Image by fabrikasimf on Freepik]

Lights and Electrics

  1. The ignition and stop-switch should not be kept waiting until the start of your activity, and their condition has to be tested by turning the ATV on and off during the warm-up period.
  2. Work at mine sites takes place in low-light areas and also goes on after dark, and hence it's essential to stay on top of the operation of your ATV's headlights and taillights.

Oil and Fuel

  1. The worst thing imaginable is to get stuck in the middle of nowhere because there's no fuel left in the vehicle. Always be vigilant of your mileage, and also never take your chances, keep the fuel tank full.
  2. Conduct a quick dipstick test to gauge the oil level, and record it on a regular basis.
  3. Thoroughly check for oil, fuel, or coolant leaks. Any type of leak is an instant red flag.

Chain and Chassis

  1. Now comes the final part of the pre-start checklist process, which makes or breaks your ATV. The drivers must take responsibility to maintain and lubricate the chain from time to time. The chain is what binds the engine and wheels together.
  2. Though ATVs are made for rough terrain, driving them week in and week out will loosen some parts. Check closely for loose parts, shake handlebars or steerings, footrests, etc., pre-start, and periodically check fasteners.

In 2022, ATV Pre-Start Checklist is frequently conducted via pen-and-paper, where employees fill out a checklist and submit it before starting work. However, filing, storing, and managing these documents can be a time-consuming and expensive task. It's much easier and more efficient to use a digital ATV Pre-start Checklist system such as the one built into Grid. It's available as a template, which means you can set it up in minutes, and have your employees begin using it immediately.

How Grid digitizes your ATV pre-start inspection?

Being a no-code platform that templatizes all your tasks, Grid automates filling, storing, and managing all your checklist data in the fastest way possible, on our expert-proven Checklist System. Grid factors in the following criteria:

  1. Location - On your mobile device, the Grid app automatically detects the geolocation of the user when the vehicle inspection is conducted.
  2. Asset ID - Every asset has an ID that's stored in the Masters workspace on the Grid app, which can then be entered along with the Registration Number to identify and track every vehicle.
  3. Windscreen - Operating in rough terrains means windscreens are susceptible to the accumulation of dirt or cracks, both of which should be inspected to rule out visibility issues.
  4. Brakes - Drivers need to check if the brakes and handbrakes are not just operational but in perfect working condition.
  5. Dashboard - Dashboards are essential as they update drivers with necessary vehicle warnings and readings. Every panel must be checked after turning on the ignition.
  6. Steering Wheel - Steering wheels must be tested before every trip because any form of loss of control can lead to injuries or even fatalities.
  7. Recovery Kit - No trip should be initiated without the presence of the complete recovery kit. Users need to enter all the components present in the toolkit, like wheel jack, jumper leads, toolkit, tire repair kit, etc.
  8. Radio - Mine sites occupy a massive area, which means vehicles may be far apart from the nearest point of contact. This means that all radio communication needs to be working to-and-fro, for quick response.
  9. Tires - Drivers must be on top of their tire condition, as any faults here combined with the demanding terrain can lead to serious accidents. The form provides you the option to record the health, pressure, and presence of a spare tire.
  10. Lights - It's impossible to light up the whole tenement, and at multiple times and areas, drivers might face low visibility conditions. This is when drivers must ensure front and rear lights are working properly.
  11. Tray Latch - Unlike ATVs, light vehicles like pickup trucks are loaded with equipment, hence to avoid losing any material, ensure that the tray latch is operational.
  12. Fluids - Grid users need to check for any form of leak, and also if the coolant, engine oil, washer fluid, and fuel are in an adequate amount along with reserves.
  13. Battery - The batteries must be regularly tested, along with the examination of the water level indicator.
  14. Cables - All the necessary cables must be investigated thoroughly, so as to cancel out the chances of an electrical fault when the drivers try to use a function.
  15. Comments - There's also the option for users to add comments or remarks to further elaborate on any issue during the inspection.

With added options to generate highly insightful dashboards, reports, and much more, this is just scraping the surface of Grid's abilities to forever transform your vehicle inspection process and productivity. Learn more about the scale at which your mining operations can grow with the edge Grid brings to your frontline processes. Don't wait, take the first step toward a safer and more efficient workspace!

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