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Shariq Ansari
January 1, 2023
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Grid's Operations Management Platform for minimizing losses in Road Construction and Planning

With continuous advancements in creating sustainable and smart cities for the future, there is an increasing demand for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) companies.

But the increase in demand is accompanied by increasing ambition in terms of size and scope of the projects, and heavy competition drying up avenues for profits. The scope for risk runs so high that smoothly running projects can suddenly be thrown into a state of jeopardy with unplanned downtime and over-utilization of resources.

As a result, corrective actions end up consuming those decreasing profit margins even further. Without comprehensive planning and management, road construction projects can quickly go out of control before management can even identify the problem and tackle it.

Hence, city planners and contractors are faced with mounting pressure to make intelligent business decisions and maintain project transparency at all times. This can only be possible through the efficient collection and utilization of data, and most importantly on a unified platform that negates any room for mismanagement. This is exactly where Grid's No-code platform comes into the picture.

Grid's Solution

It's unthinkable today to track the details of road construction work with paper forms, and tools like Excel and other legacy software are out of the question too. So what's the modern alternative? Grid's convenient Road Construction Planner and Tracker empowers senior management, project managers, and contractors to monitor every important detail of road construction projects from any digital device.

They can directly use the Grid Universe template that's pre-built to suit all their requirements, or create their own application from scratch without a single line of code, within an hour. Aiding construction managers to track employee timesheets, end-to-end asset management involved in the project, compliance management, data management from site surveys, traffic congestion planning, and complete digitization of DPRs and Log Books. Grid takes care of all of this seamlessly on one single application, ensuring all the statuses of your processes are available at your fingertips.

Grid's Benefits

When it comes to effective road construction management, accessing real-time data about the jobs remotely is incredibly valuable to every stakeholder. Managers can effectively use Grid to expedite task management and improve productivity on an interface that's built by them and creates a data visualization experience that's completely as desired.

Keeping in mind the scale of the project, the application is easily accessible from any smartphone or tablet with a dedicated offline mode that ensures signal issues do not come in the way of your operations. The Image Capturing and Geo-Location features make sure decision-makers are up to date with the progress of the projects and can monitor and immediately react to any risks.

This way, the project always stays on schedule, thus negating the room for any downtime, which is a predominant issue in this line of work.

Since the stakes are so high in road development, it becomes essential for planners to design thorough blueprints that touch each and every aspect of construction before it even starts. Even though Grid facilitates managers and authorities to take immediate action when something goes wrong, the window for errors needs to be predicted and analyzed before it even opens.

With an integrated platform like Grid, all the necessary foundation pre-construction can be laid down, with accurate collection and aggregation of data from multiple processes like soil sampling and inspection, land and route surveying, resource planning, inventory acquisition, etc.

The Grid Effect

Organizations that have used Grid for road construction have been able to proactively identify opportunities to increase productivity, and stay on top of their project timelines. They have also enjoyed the possibilities that Grid provides with its No-code framework since decision-makers in the infrastructure space have minimal knowledge of coding.

With all the responsibilities attached to the project, it's nothing more than a burden to try to find a tool or a team that completely translates your specifications into an application. By removing these intermediary tasks, Grid's No-code solution has helped planners build their own application within a few days, thus exercising complete visibility and control over the operations.

Making full use of Grid's endless flexibility, Smart City planners are now creating applications unique to their project with a few clicks, and we can't wait to see all the exciting ways in which you will use Grid!

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Shariq Ansari
Digital Marketeer
“Using Grid to track drill program progress and day to day expenditures has allowed VR Resources to make better decisions more quickly. The highly customizable and elegant interface allows me to track and manage all aspects of our field work and it’s clear after just a few weeks that the possibilities are nearly endless. Cost tracking estimates were consistently within expected variance of invoices received giving me further confidence in managing agile drill programs. Further the development team and customer support have been top notch!”
Justin J. Daley
PGeo, MSc, Vice President Exploration
VR Resources
VR Resources
“Grid has been extremely helpful in changing the course of multiple operations, here at U-Solar. We started with one module for Materials Management, and have now adopted Grid for 3-4 more processes, all of which have been smooth and quick to implement.”
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“GRID has helped Hotel Polo Towers group to manage their assets and inventory through its simple, user-friendly yet dynamic application. Managing asset data have really been simple and it goes without saying that the technical support team members have done a tremendous job by providing quick and effective troubleshooting measures whenever required.”
Anirban Chatterjee
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Hotel Polo Towers
Hotel Polo Towers
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