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Grid Release Notes

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Release 9.2.0

May 17, 2024

New features for Map Widget

The map widget on the dashboard was updated with new features and released on Grid. The following are included:

  1. Heatmaps: A heatmap is a visualization used to depict the intensity of data at geographical points. When the Heatmap Layer is enabled, a colored overlay will appear on the map. By default, areas of higher intensity will be colored red, and areas of lower intensity will appear green.
  2. Bubble maps: Bubble charts use bubbles to represent data points, where the size of each bubble corresponds to the value of the data it represents. They're useful for comparing categories within a field, and users can add colors to show additional information like grouping or numerical values.
  3. Ability to resize markers on the maps.
  4. Ability to export maps as image

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May 2024