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Grid Release Notes

See the latest feature releases, product improvements, bug fixes and more to Grid’s web and mobile apps.

Release 6.8.2

Aug 25, 2023

Super Admin and more updates

To cater to the pain point of all admins having the same access and to manage accesses better, new roles and controls have been introduced which will change the way admins work on Grid. There will be a new role added - Super Admin who will have all the functionalities of an owner and admins will have reduced access where workspace/modules will need to be shared for edit and view access.

Other enhancements that have been released with this version are:

1. Laravel Version Upgrade

2. Delete Dependency Check on Deleting Workspaces

3. Partner SignUp

4. Skeleton loader fixes on Home Page builder and View Page.

5. White Labelled Emails.

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August 2023