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Release 6.7.2

Jul 7, 2023

Local LTW on the Grid Frontline app

Local LTW is now live on the Grid Frontline App. It is a feature to fetch values for the LTW columns where the source sheet data is present on your app and not synced to the server yet.  Following are the steps on how the Local LTW works:

Let's take an example: There are two sheets: Source Sheet and Main Sheet. Within the Main Sheet, there is an LTW Column which has its source in the Source Sheet. Whenever any record is added to the Source Sheet, the corresponding value for the LTW Column in the Main Sheet will be appended.

  1. Download the Source and the Main Sheet since the app will be working in the offline mode
  2. Go to the source sheet and add a few entries
  3. Once you jump onto the main sheet and select values from the LTW Dropdown, you will be able to see all the data that is in the source sheet along with other values.

Please note, any changes to the values in the source sheet will also affect the values in the LTW Column of the Main Sheet.

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July 2023