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Grid Release Notes

See the latest feature releases, product improvements, bug fixes and more to Grid’s web and mobile apps.

Release 6.12.1

Dec 15, 2023

Introducing Push to Mobile and enhancements to the mobile app

To avoid unnecessary API calls Push To Mobile change will allow the user to update the worksheet only if any column configurations are changed. This feature is user dependent. Any change in permissions will only trigger the update for that specific user and all the other downloaded configurations remain unchanged.

Other optimizations released with this were as follows:

  1. UX UI Suggested by a customer in the mobile child table
  2. No signedURL call for disable_kms
  3. Remove column_aliases key from entry store API
  4. Columns UI/UX
  5. Automatically Fill OTP in Android
  6. Performance Improvement in Filter List
  7. Support 5G for signal strength
  8. Online Downloading Optimization for Entry page

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December 2023