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Grid Release Notes

See the latest feature releases, product improvements, bug fixes and more to Grid’s web and mobile apps.

Release 6.10.4

Oct 13, 2023

Upgrades to the Grid Frontline app

The following upgrades and enhancements were made to the mobile app:

  1. UI/UX enhancements like moving the offline/online toggle to the workspace listing and adding the sync all button alongside it
  2. The child key form does not require additional confirmation upon submission.
  3. Introduction of the date-time column and making the layout similar to that of the web.
  4. Video capture has now been made optional. On the creation of an image column on the web app, a toggle to make video capture optional has been given.
  5. The download of the worksheet has now been made async, which means that while the user’s download is in progress, they can continue using their phone. However, they cannot do anything on the Grid app.
  6. Workspace and division UI and UX fixes

    Note: A workspace can have worksheets and/or divisions.
    Scenario 1: If a workspace does not have any divisions, the expand arrow option will not be visible. By clicking on the workspace, you will be able to see all the worksheets under it on the right side.
    Scenario 2: If a workspace has both divisions and worksheets, then the expand arrow will be visible, and you will be able to see the divisions and the worksheets under that division on expanding it. On the other hand, by clicking on the workspace, you will be able to see the worksheets under that workspace.
  7. The ability to enlarge LTW images and pinch and zoom functionality on all images has been introduced.
  8. The same workspace sequence created on the web will be reflected on mobile as well.

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October 2023