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Grid Release Notes

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Release 6.10.1

Oct 5, 2023

Introducing API Connectors on Grid

API connectors work at the worksheet level, and the following connectors have been introduced:

1. Xero Invoices: This is a PULL Connector that enables users to pull the data from their invoices, bills, or both on Xero into Grid.

2. G-Sheets: This is a PUSH connector that enables users to push their data from Grid to Google Spreadsheets. The user simply needs to authorize using their Gmail and further select the starting column and row to push the data. This, in turn, on the spreadsheets will reflect worksheet data.

3. Custom Rest API: This is available in PUSH and PULL Connectors, and using this, the user can pull or push data from their Grid worksheets. This already exists on Grid, and a new authentication method has been added: OAuth.

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October 2023