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Grid Release Notes

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Release 1.7.5

Feb 1, 2024

Link To Worksheet changes

LTW changes were released on Grid. The following changes were made:

  1. Allow Manual Edit: This allows the user to enter values in the LTW and LTE columns manually if the valid option is not in the dropdown even if they do not exist in the source. This is applicable for multi- and single-select, both. A checkbox has been given on the LTW column creation modal for the same.
  2. Add Alternate Source: This allows the user to select values from a different source other than the primary one. A toggle has been given in the drop-down selection as “Show Alt. Source” for the same. Irrespective of any dependencies, this column will behave as an LTW. The config option of selecting alternate sources has been given on the column creation modal.
  3. LTW as Location: This allows the user to view and select dropdown values as location coordinates on a map on the mobile application. A toggle to turn this on is provided on the columns page. Along with enabling map view, a map label column needs to be selected for mapping down the coordinates.

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February 2024