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Revolutionizing Data & Digitization For Utilities
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Who We Are:

Grid is a no-code platform tailored for rapid utility digitization, that seamlessly combines pre-coded UI components with an integrated scripting framework. We’re excited to share how our solutions are impacting the lives of over 5 million consumers/meters!
Meet Us at EnLit Europe 2023!

We Excel At:

Field Processes Management

  • Smart Metering Installation
  • Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Workforce Management

Business Process Automation

  • Full featured Command Center
  • Process incoming data
  • Generate alerts and visualizations


  • Device Events & Metrics
  • Asset/ Device Statuses
  • Inventory & Requisition Management

Our Core Utility Capabilities:

Event Management System (EDMS)

  • Process and store event data from smart devices.
  • Generate alerts, trigger workflows, and optimize smart meter data.

Reporting & Dashboarding

  • Connect to various systems to pull data.
  • ETL process, visual query builder, and SQL support for comprehensive data analysis.

Field Force

  • Streamline activities like consumer surveys, installations, and operations.
  • Integrated with reporting for advanced visualization and decision-making.

Who’s Attending
EnLit Europe 2023?

Meet Us at EnLit Europe 2023!

Udit Poddar

Founder & CEO

Aayush Agarwal

Founder & CTO
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