What's New on Grid this November?

Shariq Ansari
November 1, 2023
5 mins to read
grid app product updates for october

Remember those tiny tweaks and cool features you shared with us? Well, we listened, sprinkled some innovation, stirred in a pinch of tech magic, and voilà! 🎉 Get ready to explore the latest product updates that promise to elevate your Grid experience. From a reliable multi-language feature to two new integrations, dive in and discover what's new! 🔍

Digitize Operations on Grid in 4 New Languages!

Thousands of Grid users now have access to four additional languages apart from English! Admins and managers will no longer face language barriers when managing data in:

  1. German
  2. Spanish
  3. Latvian
  4. Romanian

Go through this guide to easily change the language in only two steps! If you need Grid to support a different language apart from those available, write to us at support@workongrid.com

A brand new Authentication method- OAuth!

You can now configure a Rest API connector choosing OAuth as the authentication method in the Grid platform. This method is more secure and uses authorization via tokens to verify an identity between a client and an external service. Here’s a help article to set up REST API connectors using OAuth method!

Mobile App Upgrades

For our frontline mobile app users we have quite a few surprises lined up. From little changes that will save you a few minutes everyday to a couple of features that will change your data management game.

Enter 'Offline' mode right from the get go!

A new 'Offline' toggle on your homepage will help you enter or exit offline mode with one tap of a finger. Have trouble spotting it? Check this out!

Sync all your offline mode entries!

Once you're done making an offline entry, the ‘Sync All’ option pops up automatically to sync the local data in all your worksheets at once. So, frontline users never have to worry about misreporting or losing critical data. Is there also a way to check if your data has synced successfully? Yes, click here.

Optional button for video uploads

Admins can now filter all your on-site media by enabling or disabling the video upload button in the image column. To know how to check if the video upload is enabled, follow this two-step guide.

Download all your data in the background!

Yes, we know it was a little annoying to stay on the Grid app open while downloading data, so we went ahead and fixed it! Never let anything stop your workflow, while all the data gets downloaded in the background seamlessly.

Workspace reordering now reflects in the mobile app!

Whenever an admin reorders the workspaces on Grid Web app, it will now be reflected in the user Grid Frontline account as well.

Submit child table data with keys easily!

You can now submit key forms within the child table quickly without the confirmation prompt message.

Connect Google Sheets with Grid to push worksheet data!➡️

You can now integrate a Push API connector for Google Sheets and send Grid worksheet data to any Google Sheet automatically in mere seconds. Go through this help article on how to create an API connector for Google Sheets right away.

Connect Xero with Grid to pull data into worksheets!⬅️

You can now integrate Xero invoices, an online invoicing software with Grid to pull data such as invoices, bills or both into worksheets. Refer to this help article on how to configure an API connector for Xero!

Interested in incorporating any of these features into your workflows? Email us at support@workongrid.com.

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Shariq Ansari
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VR Resources
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